Eat Black Cake is a powerful storyteller’s device.

The device title may suggest chocolate cake initially, but that suggestion would steer you away from the point.

First, the spiritual metaphor of “black.” In the spiritual sense, black represents a message that has yet to step out of obscurity and into the light. Black also represents the taste of something that tastes bitter. Yet, if if you eat it, a super spiritual digestive process is engaged. The result of consuming an unwanted or distasteful message is a surprising promotion into a new level of enlightenment.

Eat The Black Cake is an evocative story title. In every soul journey, the forward progress of the individual will demand a counter intuitive decision to spiritually digest a bitter truth.

The intention behind, Eat The Black Cake, is not punitive. The intention is restorative. Eat The Black Cake is not humiliation. The processing of a dark truth is intended to cleanse the system and restore its vitality.

The metaphor of “black” describes the forward progress of a wisdom teaching. Wisdom teachings are deeply personal revelations about you as an individual. Some wisdom teachings begin in the dark. Which means that you are not always ready for your revelation the first time the revelation comes knocking. Therefore, The Black Cake can show up but you are not ready to eat your Black Cake.

Traditionally, The black Cake is a wisdom teaching that, at first, patrols the outer edges of the dark boundaries of your consciousness.

The dark is a spiritual metaphor for the obscure, the misperceived, the misjudged and the unwanted.

Wisdom teachings are your precious allies. They safeguard your journey by maintaining a kind of quality control management needed in your journey. Often, the forward march of your wisdom teaching may require years of incubation before you are willing to permit the dark wisdom to take its rightful place in hallways of spiritual light. Therefore, a wisdom teaching may stand at the door of your consciousness, knocking and knocking and knocking. Sometimes, for years. The duration of incubation is determined by the strength of your ego.

You cannot go around the Black Cake.

You cannot over the Black Cake.

You go through the Black Cake. You have to Eat The Black Cake.

Eating is a choice. Spiritual eating leads to spiritual digestion. Spiritual digestion leads to elimination. Elimination symbolizes a kind of spiritual detoxification.

In the world of the physical mother, the mother wisdom says, “You are what you eat.”

In Soulwerk wisdom, the wisdom teaching says, “You become what you think about yourself.”

Eat Black Cake is a storyteller’s device. You use it as a tool to mine the spiritual meaning in a life event.

The Eat Black Cake story has five basic parts.

One. You conceived an idea, emotion or concept. This private conception became your guiding star. The two of you became allies.

Two. You took your ally public. You acted out.

Three. Your friendship betrayed you. Your expectations hit a wall. You felt betrayed. The thing that you conceived failed you. This is the moment in your story when your cake turns color.

Four. Your initial plan left you stranded in an unexpected and unwanted predicament. You could not run away, but you could not deny ownership of the pain in your own plan. The only alternative at that juncture in your story was to Eat Black Cake.

In order to witness just how much your negative thoughts rule your day, you first had to eat a portion of your own inner ego darkness.

Five. The unexpected happens. A strange new upturn appears in your storyline. The willingness to digest The Black Cake produces a real fracture in the mental friendship you once formed with the idea that you had conceived. What was once the golden child of your new plan has now become the fusion material that provides the catalyst for personal purification. Your false friends are excised from your mind. Your wisdom teaching steps forward and takes a rightful place in the light of personal learning. Unfettered from the opposition of denial, a new level of spiritual learning occurs. Not theoretical learning, but the high quality learning that only belongs to the sanctuary of personal experience. The surest kind of learning.